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The World‘s #1 Torrent Client. Choose a version that fits your entertainment needs. NEW! Play while you download. No more waiting, binge watch the internet. Free Most of us are comfortable using BitTorrent to download files, but the popular file-sharing protocol is also a great tool for sharing your own stuff with family, friends, or the world at large.

Free up network resources for other tasks by setting torrent download/upload speed limits. Remotely download torrents with uTorrent Classic from uTorrent Android or through any browser. Optimize your download speed by allocating more bandwidth to a specific torrent.

uTorrent Upload/Download Speed Settings. Now go to the uTorrent settings and switch to Bandwidth section. Here you can set limits on the maximum speed of upload and download (in the screenshot below, these restrictions are sets, i.e. for example, the download speed will not be higher than 5000 kB/s). Best place to upload to? : torrents