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Iptables rule for Samba server in Red Hat Linux - GoLinuxHub Jun 03, 2020 Secure iptables config for Samba - Server Fault I'm trying to setup an iptables config such that outbound connections from my CentOS 6.2 server are allowed ONLY if they are of state ESTABLISHED. Currently, the following setup is working great for sshd, but all the Samba rules get totally ignored for a reason I cannot figure out. iptables … Firewalling Samba

Raspberry Pi: iptables (Security - Part II)

Samba is used to allow users to share and use files, folders and printers between Linux and Windows systems. In this how-to tutorial let us see how to install and configure samba server. Scenario In this tutorial, i use two systems as described below Samba server: Operating system : CentOS 6.3 Hostname : sambaserver.unixmen.com IP […]

Mar 31, 2017

Easy Samba installation on RHEL/CentOS 7 Samba is a client/server system that implements network resource sharing for Linux and other UNIX computers. With Samba, UNIX files and printers can be shared with Windows clients and vice versa.Samba supports the Session Message Block (SMB) protocol.Nearly all Windows computers include SMB support with their internal network subsystems (NetBIOS in particular). Raspberry Pi: iptables (Security - Part II) Jul 15, 2013