Active Directory is the backbone of most networks. It stores all the setting, user accounts, and computer information. The following guide will show you how to install it onto Windows Server 2008 R2. Prerequisites There are a few prerequisites that you must first sort out, before starting the installation. – Windows must be running on an NTFS

Jun 02, 2012 Step-by-Step: Setup and configure Active Directory Domain An Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizardwill pop up. Click Nextuntil user see Choose a Deployment Configuration. Select Create a new domain in a new forestand click Next. Key in a name and add “.local” after the name (e.g.: igx.local) for a local domain and click Next. How to Install Active Directory on Server 2008 Nov 09, 2014 Step by Step guide to setup Active Directory on Windows Mar 07, 2011

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Install Active Directory Domain Controller in Windows

MS Active Directory LDAP (2008) Installing SSL Certificates