Jun 10, 2018 · A common one for home based small business is to Tether to a SmartPhone or upgrade to a WIFI celluar router. You can absolutely connect via your Smartphone, both legally and/or jailbreak via web app to achieve WIFI hotspot service. Here are some issues to consider:

Jul 29, 2016 · When that’s done, you can turn Personal Hotspot on using the switch along the top of the Personal Hotspot settings. Next, it’s time to connect to your hotspot on your laptop using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Connect to Your Hotspot Over Wi-Fi. The most familiar (and common) way to connect to your iPhone is over Wi-Fi. Dec 06, 2013 · By default, your phone's Wi-Fi network will be labled "DIY Phone Gadgets" or "1 Click Tether" (in my time with the app, I saw both pop up). When using the app, my phone was connected to my office Nov 13, 2019 · This way, your phone acts as a router by creating a hotspot, though you’ll be using your cellular data in the process. While there are several dangers to tethering to a cell phone for internet access , sometimes you just urgently need to connect to the internet, which is where a mobile hotspot comes handy.

If you don't want strangers using your hotspot, you can hide your device and adjust more options. From Settings, search for and select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.Tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering again, tap Mobile Hotspot, tap More options, (the three vertical dots), and then tap Configure Mobile Hotspot.. The following settings will be available:

Need Internet? How to Turn Your Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

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