Jul 12, 2015

ip(8) - Linux manual page - Michael Kerrisk tuntap - manage TUN/TAP devices. vrf - manage virtual routing and forwarding devices. xfrm - manage IPSec policies. The names of all objects may be written in full or abbreviated form, for example address can be abbreviated as addr or just a. COMMAND Specifies the action to perform on the object. The set of possible actions depends on the Install tuntap on Mac OSX – Mac App Store Jun 23, 2017 You must define TUN/TAP device : OpenVPN

TUN/TAP Interface - Hechao

Configuring and using a tuntap network interface 8.11.1. Tuntap description. From the tuntap.txt file in the Linux kernel tree : TUN/TAP provides packet reception and transmission for user space programs. It can be viewed as a simple Point-to-Point or Ethernet device, which instead of receiving packets from a physical media, receives them from user space program and instead of sending packets via physical media writes them to the user space

Wintun – Layer 3 TUN Driver for Windows

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