Now connect to the router wirelessly. The default SSID will be dd-wrt , and you’ll need to set an admin username and password. Step 1: First, head to the Wireless section and click the Basic

Jan 26, 2013 · If you wish to extend the range of your Wifi network, you can purchase an additional wireless router and connect it to your existing router with an Ethernet cable.. The setup is pretty easy, inexpensive and the best part is that your two routers need not have to be from the same manufacturer so, for example, you can easily connect your Linksys (Cisco) router to a router from say Netgear or Belkin. So there are actually two seperated networks (also two different wifi networks). Now what I want, is to set up the netgear router, so all the devices will be on the same network. For example so PC1 can see PC4 on the network. Or TV1 can see the MY CLOUD on the network. Is there a way to set up the Netgear router, so all will be on the same network? Jul 06, 2015 · For instance, if the IP address of MASTER router is, you can safely assign a fixed IP address of to SLAVE. Also make sure that the Subnet mask is the same as determined in Step 1. Save the settings of the SLAVE router and close the browser window. C: Connect Two Routers with a Cat-5 Cable i have two 2811 with 4 t1s between them. (2 on each). I would like to connect the two f0/1 interfaces on each router to each other so if both t1s go down on one router the packets coming in f0/0 will just route out f0/1 to the other router that still has its t1s up. i have a block of 32 addresses an Nighthawk X6 Router . Ethernet Cable to two Ex7000's configured as Access Points. Ok forget about the EX7000s for a second/ I guess in a nut shell what i am asking is IF i bought another X6 Router could i daisy chain the two of them off my one Virgin Super hub 3 and thus double my 2.4GHZ capacity to 64 instead of 32?

Can I connect two routers to the same network with the

How to Connect Two Windows 10 PC without a Router - Techchunky Sep 07, 2018 Connect Two Computers Without a Router Use an Ethernet How to Connect Two Computers Without a Router Or Wireless Connection. Suppose you have multiple computers at your workplace – one of them is a desktop running Windows XP while the other one is a laptop running Windows7. You want to connect both computers to a home network for sharing files, documents as well as the internet connection without

I have two networks (192.1.1.x/ and (192.1.2.X/ in two different sites. Both connected to a WRT54GC router with IP and Lately we have applied a leased line to connect two networks, can anyone give me some advises what should I set in the routers so

How to connect two routers on the same network - TechSpot Jan 18, 2017 How can I connect two networks with different IP addresses? Sep 07, 2011