A video router is an electronic switch designed to route video signals. Routers are like professional video distribution amplifiers in that they both distribute video signals. The difference between a distribution amplifier (DA) and a router is that a DA splits one incoming video source to multiple outputs while a router uses a matrix system to

Deployed as the core router in broadcast facilities, control rooms and trucks worldwide, Platinum™ IP3 is well-suited for any SDI, hybrid SDI/IP or IP production environment, providing seamless and synchronous switching between SDI and IP domains. PESA – Secure Mission Critical Video Solutions PESA SECURA® ENCRYPTED IP VDS Secure Multi-Class Video Distribution System KVM • VIDEO • AUDIO • USB PESA has 46 years of experience for control and mangement of media solutions. Add this to a deep knowledge of Government and Military security requirements and you have a case-hardened approach to the PESA Secura media solutions. Learn […] Hybrid Video Routing/IP Video Routing | Utah Scientific Utah Scientific pioneered the use of switching video over IP networks with the release of the UTAH-400 IP router in 2007, just as broadcasters were starting to experiment with the concept of using IP in the broadcast environment. The company received a patent for the technology in 2010 as written up in Broadcasting & Cable magazine at the time.

Jun 18, 2019 · IP camera systems comprise of one or more IP cameras that are connected over a computer network to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The IP camera sends video and other data in digital format over a network cable to the NVR. The NVR records the video stream from he cameras for playback and other functions like motion alerts.

Many types of broadcast automation systems can be used to control a video router via IP or serial communications such as RS-422.Video routers can also be controlled by other types of user interfaces, including front panel buttons, IR remote control, or application software running on a PC. Future prospects. With the advent of 4K/UHD TV, the traditional 'baseband' video router has become MDX 4090 - IP Video Switch & Router - Media Links Engineered to meet the stringent performance and reliability needs of carriers and Telco operators, the MDX4090 is a compact, high density IP Media switch and router. The MDX4090 supports up to ninety-six 1G or 10G Ethernet ports as well as four ultra-high speed 40G Ethernet trunks. How to Connect Two Routers on a Home Network

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