Feb 05, 2020 · systemctl restart openvpn-server@server service openvpn-server@server restart Create a client config file ( .ovpn ) ¶ Now that the server is configured, you'll want to connect some clients so you can make use of your Pi-hole wherever you are.

Jul 13, 2018 OpenWRT configurations to run OpenVPN client | Private Jan 05, 2020 Pia Openvpn Router Setup - buygood.biz

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Jun 01, 2018

Time to connect to IPVanish with our new OpenVPN connection 12. Click the icon that looks like a network jack and then click on your new VPN connection in the menu that appears (The name of your VPN connection will match the connection name you gave it in step 10).

How to set up OpenVPN on ASUSWRT-Merlin Firmware (Ultimate