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Mar 20, 2016 r/HTPC - Home Theater PC Tips Best Slim HTPC Micro ATX Mini PC Case For M-ATX Mobo With 4 Slot Ram (9.6 × 9.6 inch or 244 × 244 mm) 2020 Edition Ver 1.0 submitted 3 days ago by Xenoflower7 6 comments Vista SP1 and my HTPC do not play well together

My old PC (i7 970, 12gb, rx 580, win 7) that I repurposed for HTPC sounds good but doesn't sound $1K renovate my apartment great. If I bitstream audio from VLC/MPC, it's as quiet and I have to crank up the volume a lot on the receiver.

My first HTPC was a beige box with a tuner, DVD drive and my music collection (I was 18 at the time!) no 10 foot UI - because no-one designed one yet at that time! It was designed that way as I was living in a bedsit at the time. Not a bad case for a low profile HTPC build .I was able to fit all my components .I decided to leave that space between the optical drive and power supply free, fear of breaking the sata ports or heat issues.I placed a hard drive under the optical drive 3.5 with ease so far all is good no issues overall a good case. Beyond your HTPC, Plex will even stream your media collection to other devices, like an office PC or your smartphone. But in this guide, we'll focus on the HTPC setup. Next: Organize your media

Apr 26, 2009 · I've built my own desktop PC so I've decided to have a crack at the old home theatre PC too since I'm getting my living room done up in the near future. I'll be using it for watching Blu-ray movies, listening to music, looking at my vast photo collection and maybe playing some LAN multiplayer games like Call of Duty 4 or Team Fortress 2.

My HTPC - Jan Švec - Homepage My home theater PC (HTPC) is one of my hobbies. It is almost one year when I started to build it. My goal was silent, energetic undemanding computer. I wanted to build an elegant set-top box for my LCD TV Samsung. I chose to build it around the embedded platform VIA EPIA. MyHDTV My other HTPC had a ATI Wonder NTSC tuner card that was less than impressive in the picture quality department, which is why I waited so long to get a ATSC card. To my surprise, the card performed as well as my Zenith HD-SAT520 receiver, which is one of the best OTA tuners available. need help updating my htpc - AVS Forum | Home Theater Jan 13, 2020